Friday, May 31, 2013

Swimwear Shoot

Hello guys :) so recently I helped style a bikini swimwear shoot for a new brand 'Beach Carlota'. I've just received some of the edited images excitingggg, which look really fab!
I am a complete sucker for anything bright & pretty.. so this collection is right up my street. what do you guys think?

Here are just a few bikinis from the collection.

What went on behind the scenes on the shoot day..

Me & my lovely friend Charlotte having a good old time with the balloons :)

Preparing the lighting & getting the swimwear all laid out in order.

The gorgeous model having her makeup and hair done.

26 looks later and we are finished! Now to let go of the pretty balloons and let them fly away..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Evening out to the theatre ❤

Tonight I went to see the Rocky Horror show which was absolutely amazing. They are currently in full swing doing their UK tour celebrating their 40th year anniversary. For anyone who hasn't seen the Rocky Horror show you need to go!!! I was in hysterics at how the audience constantly banta back the whole time with the cast & at how completely bonkers the characters are. It's definitely a really crazy show to see and you won't be disappointed. I did feel slightly over dressed for the occasion considering the amount of people who turned up in suspenders, feather boas, tiny hot pants & corsets (they were just the men hahaa) but no its a proper good laugh & definitely a good way to get in spirit for the rest of the night!!

I didn't have a huge amount of time to get ready in, so I just kept my makeup fairly simple & kind of natural looking 

What I wore tonight ★ ...

 Jacket with fur detachable collar- Miss guided around £34
Flamingo blouse- Topshop 
Denim jeans- Primark £11
Wedge Boots- Primark £14
Handbag- Justfab £17.50


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Makeup Tuesday ❤

The hunt for a new foundation ...

I have suddenly come to the conclusion that I really could do with some new makeup. I am a bit of a research freak when it comes to buying a new product, especially when it's a pricey one as I want to make sure that I am buying something good which will make me look fabulous haha!.

1.First thing on my makeup list is a new foundation. 

I am currently using the Lancome Teint Miracle, I always used to steal this from my mums room as her makeup always seems to be nicer than mine haha, but last christmas I finally got my own! Anyway I have been using this for quite a few months now. It's a lovely product, but it's just not right for my oily skin!  it makes me look far too shiny & ends up slipping off my face. However for dry/normal skin types I think this would work well :)


So continuing the search for my next new foundation, I went to the MAC counter. A couple of my friends who are makeup artists use the studio sculpt & their makeup always looks flawless, however the lady said to me if I do suffer from oily skin she really wouldn't recommend the MAC foundations. Instead she suggested I tried their sister company Estee Lauder (I never knew MAC was part of estee lauder). 

Double wear foundation £27.50

I heard raving reviews about the double wear foundation and how great the coverage was & after being recommended this buy the lady at MAC I knew this would be the right product for me. I have now come home with two different samples of the foundation in similar shades, so I can't wait to try them out and see which one is right for me.

I would definitely recommend getting a colour match before buying a foundation, especially if its an expensive one as you don't want to be wearing something that's not right for you & you get free samples too.. so it's definitely worth it!!

2. The finishing touch

Benefit Flawless powder £25

I am so annoyed at how pricey this product is as it is just too nice to resist! When I went to test the Estee Lauder foundation, she added this powder on top (honey shade) to give a smooth finish to my face. I was so impressed with the results, it felt so silky and smooth and as cliche as it sounds, it did give my face a lovely flawless finish. 

What other face powders do you find are good? please let me know I would love to hear some other great alternatives :) 

I will do a demo of the products in a few weeks time to show you how they look etc.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Bank Hols ☀

Bank holiday with the boyfriend ❤ 

Leaving the house to go on a nice little walk ☀ & to get some munch!
wearing my new little Zara tee & Ralph sunnies!

Second BBQ of the year- love it . & having another one for dinner wooo!

Watermelon time!! Love this fruit, it always seems to remind me of being on holiday in the lovely sun ahhh! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Favourite Lipstick- Mac Rebel ❤

Right now I am absolutely obsessed with my Mac rebel lipstick. I saw my lovely friend at uni wearing it & it looked amaze, so I decided I had to buy it.

I normally would for a nude/pink lip colour shade, however I like how striking the lip colour is & the coverage you get with it.

I paid around £14 for the product in Harrods. Also available at Mac online or at any Mac counter (House of Fraser, Selfridges)

Photo taken without a flash- Purple based tone

Photo taken with a flash

What the lipstick looks like (no camera flash), ignore my static pose face haha ★ 

Close up of the lippy, 

What it looks like when you pout your lips.. no dryness or cracked cakey lips :)

Depending on how much lipstick you apply the product can look slightly darker than the photos, but the coverage is really good & you don't need to much on.


  • The lipstick has moisture- so no dry cracked lips or a cake like build up
  • The coverage is great- only need a little bit
  • Smells pretty decent- reminds me of cake haha


  • I haven't got anything bad about the product to say... great all round!

What other Mac lipsticks would you guys recommend? I love this colour but it would be nice to also find a softer shade for spring summer :) xxx


Friday, May 24, 2013


Throw back Friday,  

Need this hot chocolate in my life again! Found at a cute cafe in Brighton with the best cakes & hot drinks. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zara ❤❤

As I have now finally finished uni for the summer, I decided a little retail therapy was needed. I know I can always count on Zara to satisfy my wardrobe needs, so my first stop was Zara, then Super drug for hair dye and then home.

While heading to the till to pay for a couple of other things, this top instantly caught my eye. I wasn't sure whether I was bonkers for picking it up.. but I love the bright colours and I thought the leopard style design was interesting and slightly different.

Zara print top £17.99 Buy Zara top here ❤

As soon as I saw the tigers head on these shorts, I was sold. I love it when shops pay close attention to the final trimmings, as I think it makes the product much more unique. 

Subtale stud detailing

3rd image taken on a flash. Shorts £22.99 Buy Zara shorts here ❤

I have always been a fan of Zara's shoes, they're very reasonably priced, good size fit and so far I have found every pair to be really comfortable. 

These are perfect as I know they will go with pretty much anything and are shoes that I can comfortably wear during the day (without feeling like a giant) & also for going out in!

The images don't justify the shoes that well.

Nude shoes £29.99 Buy Zara Sandals here ❤

First ever blog post about Moustache crisps haha!

When I saw these moustache crisps at Jamie Oliver's restaurant (in Gatwick airport), I couldn't believe how funny and pretty they looked. I definitely bought a pack just for the cool moustache packaging design.