Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Makeup Tuesday ❤

The hunt for a new foundation ...

I have suddenly come to the conclusion that I really could do with some new makeup. I am a bit of a research freak when it comes to buying a new product, especially when it's a pricey one as I want to make sure that I am buying something good which will make me look fabulous haha!.

1.First thing on my makeup list is a new foundation. 

I am currently using the Lancome Teint Miracle, I always used to steal this from my mums room as her makeup always seems to be nicer than mine haha, but last christmas I finally got my own! Anyway I have been using this for quite a few months now. It's a lovely product, but it's just not right for my oily skin!  it makes me look far too shiny & ends up slipping off my face. However for dry/normal skin types I think this would work well :)


So continuing the search for my next new foundation, I went to the MAC counter. A couple of my friends who are makeup artists use the studio sculpt & their makeup always looks flawless, however the lady said to me if I do suffer from oily skin she really wouldn't recommend the MAC foundations. Instead she suggested I tried their sister company Estee Lauder (I never knew MAC was part of estee lauder). 

Double wear foundation £27.50

I heard raving reviews about the double wear foundation and how great the coverage was & after being recommended this buy the lady at MAC I knew this would be the right product for me. I have now come home with two different samples of the foundation in similar shades, so I can't wait to try them out and see which one is right for me.

I would definitely recommend getting a colour match before buying a foundation, especially if its an expensive one as you don't want to be wearing something that's not right for you & you get free samples too.. so it's definitely worth it!!

2. The finishing touch

Benefit Flawless powder £25

I am so annoyed at how pricey this product is as it is just too nice to resist! When I went to test the Estee Lauder foundation, she added this powder on top (honey shade) to give a smooth finish to my face. I was so impressed with the results, it felt so silky and smooth and as cliche as it sounds, it did give my face a lovely flawless finish. 

What other face powders do you find are good? please let me know I would love to hear some other great alternatives :) 

I will do a demo of the products in a few weeks time to show you how they look etc.