Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zara ❤❤

As I have now finally finished uni for the summer, I decided a little retail therapy was needed. I know I can always count on Zara to satisfy my wardrobe needs, so my first stop was Zara, then Super drug for hair dye and then home.

While heading to the till to pay for a couple of other things, this top instantly caught my eye. I wasn't sure whether I was bonkers for picking it up.. but I love the bright colours and I thought the leopard style design was interesting and slightly different.

Zara print top £17.99 Buy Zara top here ❤

As soon as I saw the tigers head on these shorts, I was sold. I love it when shops pay close attention to the final trimmings, as I think it makes the product much more unique. 

Subtale stud detailing

3rd image taken on a flash. Shorts £22.99 Buy Zara shorts here ❤

I have always been a fan of Zara's shoes, they're very reasonably priced, good size fit and so far I have found every pair to be really comfortable. 

These are perfect as I know they will go with pretty much anything and are shoes that I can comfortably wear during the day (without feeling like a giant) & also for going out in!

The images don't justify the shoes that well.

Nude shoes £29.99 Buy Zara Sandals here ❤