Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My 1 year Hair dye Story....

Am I slightly obsessed with dying my hair? YES
Do I choose to do it when I should be doing coursework or something? Yes!!
Do I dye it myself? Yup
Do I know what I am doing half the time? Nope
Has it ever come out a dodgy colour? Hell yes!
Have I ever had to have a load of it cut off? Yes :( :(
Will I ever learn? Mmm probably not!

In a nutshell whats happened to my hair within 12/18 months ??

December 2011/12- My hair near enough its natural medium/dark brown shade. Long & healthy :) (excuse my giant strange hand in the right picture)

A few months later, March time I decided that I wanted to be a Blondieeeee! Now I didn't want to go platinum or anything but I wanted the Kim K look when she had light brown/blondish hair. A few people on my fb had gone from Brunette to blonde and I was surprised at how good it looked.. so i was hoping it would work out for me.....

Blonde March 12

Unfortunately notttt! I had asked for a whole head of bleach highlights as I cba to keep going for half heads to build it up, I guess I was impatient and just wanted the immediate effect.  As I had dark hair before, bleach was the only quick option in order to create a base to work from. Looking back I should have definitely done it in stages as they normally recommend.

What happened?
  • My glossy brown hair turned into a blonde thick frizz
  • soooo dry and corse and it looked like straw even after tonnes of moroccan oil
  • washed my skin colour out completely even though I have olive skin, which was strange.

I kept this look for a total of around 16 days. I hated it! The thing is I had a whole head of BLEACH not necessarily a blonde colour. My hair dresser did tell me to stick it out for several weeks as then she would be able to actually give me a warm natural colour that I wanted. But I just couldn't bare it, so i went back to my Brunette locks!! Part of me wishes that I had waited a few extra weeks as the colour would have looked much more natural and pretty with a few extra brown shades. but heyho! 

Back to Brown April 12

This is the pic I took straight after having my hair redone. I was sooo happy to go back to brown hair. As you can see it looks much healthier and glossy!!


After having my hair re coloured brown I continued to stick with this shade. I wasn't prepared to have another hair disaster before my girls holiday. As you can see it has grown a considerable amount within the 3 months. Thats one piece of luck I have- the fact my hair grows back quick. (no hair extensions used)


After joining Uni I decided my hair needed vamping again to make it look a little more interesting. This time I wanted to try dip dying it. I used the Loreal Dye set and here are my results.

As I have dyed my hair many times it didn't come out blonde or anything but I quite liked the copper effect.

DEC 12/13

After a couple of months the colour settled down and looked like a copper brown colour as you can see above. I loved this look and thinking about it I do kinda miss the dip dye look. I would recommend the Loreal dye set. It does dry the hair out at first but after using oils etc it goes back to its normal healthy state.

No more Ombre- Hello Black Brown Hair Dec/Jan 13

So this was taken around Dec/January 12/13. I miss my long hair waaaaaaaaa :( People always would ask 'are you wearing extensions?' and I actually wasn't. 


After a few months and slaving away at coursework my bordem kicked in and I decided to go back to dip dye. I used Loreal again however I wanted blonder more caramel results. So i bought a blonde ash dye & then a platinum hair dye and purple shampoo. Fuck knows what I was doing? I basically was chemically torturing my hair!!

Results After the Loreal dye set & the Blonde ash. Wish I had just left it there....

After the added dye of Blonde platinum by Swarskof. So strange the colour always changed in different lighting. P.s I know I look like a twat :D

Doing the Ombre again was such a massive disaster. I wish I had never used the Platinum by Swarskof. It literally killed my hair. Even after using oils and everything my hair was as dry as a tooth brush. Even my boyfriend commented on how shit the condition of my hair was :O

I am to blame tbh though as I did use three strong products in the space of like a week. I guess I thought my hair would be able to handle it. After feeling depressed about how shitty my hair looked I decided it would be best to just get the damage cut off :'( :'( 


While on a trip to Amsterdam with my mates we had ages to kill in the airport on the way home, so me being impatient as you all now decided to get it cut there. The hair dresser was so lovely (thankfully not  high) and she did an amazing hair cut, probs the best cut I have had in a loooong time! 

To note to you guys about how damaged my hair was, when it was damp she basically was able to rip my hair out and all the ends just fell out :O it was unbelievable, I have never seen anything like it. 

Happy girl at last with healthy thick hair again.


A more recent photo 2 months on. June 2013! It's already grown a fair amount yay :D!! Definitely sticking to brown hair and just working on restoring it back to it's healthy self!

The End! xo

As you all can see I am slightly CRAZY and SUPER impatient when it comes to dying my hair. Writing this post has actually surprised me at how quickly I change my hair colour and also seeing the change in length etc. I hope you have all found this interesting and I am sure many of you can relate to the crazy obsession of hair dye.

  • Favourite Hair dye? Nice n Easy semi permanent Dark brown
  • Only hair product I use religiously? Moroccan Oil

Do any of you guys find dying your hair slightly addictive? and do you also do it when your bored ? also what products would you recommend for dyed hair, I use oil but I would like to find other products too? would love to hear from you guys!! 

Enjoy the rest of your day! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Above the knuckle rings!

So I am not sure what the official name is for these rings, but when I saw them by the till in H&M I had to get them!! For now I am calling them Above the knuckle rings. I had previously stumbled across these online, however I wanted to see what they looked like first and also to see if they fitted. I was unsure to whether they would just slide right off my fingers as you haven't got the Knuckle bone to keep them more secure, however I was surprised at how well they stayed on especially as I have pretty slim fingers (in ring terminology a size K).

H&M only do the rings in one size which is XS/S although I reckon it would fit most peoples fingers.. if anything you would just end up with a variety of ring levels depending on the width of your fingers. Some of the rings in the pack are a little wider and actually sit on my finger like a typical ring, however the rest give me that interesting  'Above the knuckle look'.

I also think they would look kool if you had other chunky rings going on. Below I have just pictured the rings themselves to show you how they look :)

Rings £2.99
 each although I think H&M have an offer when you buy 2 as I saved an extra £2.
Bangles- £2
Total spend on 3 items- £5.98

What the rings look like on :)

The rustic gold style- excuse my wrinkly ringers ha! 

What do you guys think of the Above the Knuckle rings? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Excitement!! :D

Right this isn't really a fashion related post- however I can't contain my excitement at the fact I have only 3 days left till I come home with my new puppy.

I can't wait to finally meet my new addition to the family!! today I decided to prepare and buy a few treats and dog toys. The breed of my new pup is a Pomeranian. I will post a picture of him for you all to see when I pick him up :D.  Even though he is a male dog, I couldn't resist the cute pink teddy.. I'm hoping he won't mind the colour ha! xxxxxxx

I am undecided on what collar to buy him, do you think something a little blingy but understated? or just a plain leather collar? any suggestions would be very helpful :) 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Summer Handbag ♡ ☀

Hello hello, I hope everyone is well! I feel like I haven't posted in ages!!! I guess boring work has taken over my life the past few days with overtime i stupidly agreed to, anyway today I can finally relax and catchup with things :)

I thought id share with you my new handbag that I bought the other week from one of those random shops that we all have near where we live. The bag was only £24 which I thought was pretty damn good and it also came in black and nude. Tbh i wanted all of them haa, but the orange colour definitely was my fav. I also think it has a slight Hermes look about it too.

What do you lovely people think?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Morning hello Caffeine fix ♡

Morning everyone!!

I am actually shocked I am up this early considering i haven't got work until mid afternoon and especially as I was up late last night. So my morning caffeine fix was definitely needed. As I work part time in a busy bakers/cafe I literally make coffee non stoppppp! So I definitely have become more of a latte expert hahaa! This is one that I made this morning for myself courtousy of my nespresso coffee machine.. also with a dash caramel for an extra sugar fix. I thought I would share it with you as it actually looks quite kool and it tasted yumm!

Caramel Coffee Latee 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Shoessssss ♡


I decided to go into TK Max on the off chance. I know of some people who always find amazing things in their, however I never normally have the same luck.

 Anyway I decided to have a nosey at the shoe section (not that I need anymore shoes) & found these little things in my size. When I first saw them i wasn't 100%.. to me they resembled a strange clog like shoe, however when they were on they actually looked pretty nice. I love flatform shoes anyway as it gives me the extra height without the painful heel element and I knew they would go well with things in my wardrobe. The selling point for me was when I found out these were Kurt Geigers and were originally £140 but were now only £25. I definitely couldn't resist a good bargain. 

What do you guys think of my wannabe clog flatform shoes?
Have you found any bargains too? get in touch x

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mix & matching outfits!

I hate the days when I cannot decide what to wear or when everything I put on just looks horrible. I had one of those problems saturday night just gone. I was going out with my girlfriends and I had decided that I wanted to show a bit of leg for a change. I had a sun bed earlier that day as I have been feeling rather pasty lately.. however instead of going golden, my legs got sooo burnt! This suddenly left me feeling crazy stuck not knowing what to wear, I couldn't wear shorts, skirts, dresses anything as my legs just looked so red. I was pissed off as I always wear disco pants, however this seemed the only option left for me to wear, I ended up wearing a cute polka dot crop top with it.. however I wasn't 100% on it. Anyway moral of the story is to have a backup outfit for emergencies & to not over do the sun beds  . 

 I decided to put a couple outfits together from my own wardrobe to help me feel more inspired when getting dressed for certain occasions as I always wear the same things.

Hope you enjoy :)

A work day outfit- Smart/casual 

All clothing/shoes- Zara
Nail polish- Ciate

Summer day outfit- Dressy/cute/casual

Top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- Topshop
Shoes- Zara

Summer day Outfit- Festival style/cute/casual

Top- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Primark
Shorts- Zara

Day outfit/work outfit

Dress- Primark
Shoes Zara

Night out for drinks

Matched with a chic pair of open toe heels- Zara

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Quick Dinner- Italiano style!

Quick late night post for you all.
 I thought I would share with you my yummy italian style dinner made by myself.

A homemade Bruschetta
For the base I had these bruschetta flakes from the shop oil & vinegar which you soak in warm water to create an italian style tomato paste.
Then chopped tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, olive oil toasted on ciabatta then a sprinkle of cucumber, side salad & salt & pepper for seasoning.

Perfect for a starter or a light dinner & very quick to make (5/10 mins) 

I normally always revert to a scrambled eggs on toast or something when I can't be bothered for a proper cooked dinner, however It was nice to eat something a bit different and it tasted a lot fresher and healthier :) 

What do you guys think of my quick, simple an easy Bruschetta ? and do any of you guys have any quick recipe ideas for last minute dinners? would love to hear from you xxxx

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume- Review

Helloo everyone, I hope your all having a lovely week and enjoying the weather while you can. This week I have been feeling rather summary, I think it's the fact I can finally sit in my garden and chill out for once. It certainly makes a difference.

Anyway my latest addition for Summer 13 is the Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche SkinScent perfume. I can't believe I haven't come across this scent sooner as it smells absolutely divine. Think of all your favourite smells of summer....... well this perfume contains it all within a pretty shiny gold 100ml bottle. 

'All I need now is a bronzed body to go with the amazing bronze goddess perfume scent'.

The main blends of the perfume include creamy coconut, vanilla, mandarin, amber, lemons and tropical flowers. The coconut definitely brings the perfume alive for me & the more refreshing blends balance the perfume out to be really fresh, summary and to enhance a long lasting constant amazing smell.

 I remember spraying my jacket in the shop with this a few days before purchasing it and as you do I applied a load of other random scents (getting carried away haha). Anyway a few days later my jacket just smelt amazing and I couldn't figure out which perfume had done this magic. Thankfully I returned to the Estee Lauder stand and discovered it was in fact their new perfume 'Bronze Goddess'. 

Can you believe its limited edition only for summer :( I may have to buy another bottle before it ends till next year. But saying that It's nice to mix and match perfumes for different seasons & this one is a clear front runner for me in terms of the perfect summer fragrance :) retailing at £45 it is a good price considering the fact it's limited edition, 100ml, estee lauder branded & that it smells bloody gorgeous.

Anyway I would love to hear if you have tried the perfume and your thoughts? please get in touch :) xx

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Bikini before & after ☼ ☀

With my Ibiza girls holiday coming up in just over a month :D all I seem to be doing is scouring the internet for new summer outfits, accessories and the all important bikinis. There are some really nice bikinis on the market espech in H&M, River island & Accessorize. But I thought I would use some of my creativity and recycle and customise one of my old bikinis before getting too carried away in the shops.

What I used for my DIY job:

  • 3 bunches of synthetic flowers from Wilkinsons £3. (I only used 2 in the end )
  • A set of coloured threads Wilkinsons £2.50 
  • Scissors
  • needles 
  • An old bikini (alternative just buy a cheap primark one)

I originally was going to use a white bikini but instead I opted for my red one which I've had for a few years.

After deciding for ages, I chose these orange/red flowers. I thought they would look good against a nice tan.

I have had this bikini for ages but it's lasted really well over the years, which is surprising for swimwear. The colour in person is a little more dull, so i decided it needed some vamping up before my next hols 

45 mins later..

What it looks like on .. 

I am really happy with the results :D!!!
 I wasn't to fussed if I ruined my bikini as it's fairly old and well worn, however I think It turned out really well and it definitely has another holiday left in it to wear. I decided to keep the pants plain as I think theres enough going on in the top half. .

How I made it-

1. I started off pulling the flowers off from the stems (they come off easily) I then unraveled each petal from the flower. 

Which looks like this....

 2. Theres a small hole in each centre of the flowers, so I placed each one individually on my bikini (I started from the left hand side and worked my way to middle) and I then sewed the centre of the flower to my bikini.

3. To hide the stitching I folded the petals in half as I was going along and I made sure there was a tiny gap between each petal before sewing it on. This gave a much more full effect to the finish.

4. Once I had sewn all the petals on, I did some random stitches just to ensure that they would all stay in place.. But other than that, that was it. 

Overall this was fun, simple & really cheap and definitely a good way to enhance an old or plain bikini :)

What do you guys think of the finished bikini ☀? 
Any suggestions of good places to buy bikinis preferably in the UK? I would love to hear  :)