Friday, June 21, 2013

Above the knuckle rings!

So I am not sure what the official name is for these rings, but when I saw them by the till in H&M I had to get them!! For now I am calling them Above the knuckle rings. I had previously stumbled across these online, however I wanted to see what they looked like first and also to see if they fitted. I was unsure to whether they would just slide right off my fingers as you haven't got the Knuckle bone to keep them more secure, however I was surprised at how well they stayed on especially as I have pretty slim fingers (in ring terminology a size K).

H&M only do the rings in one size which is XS/S although I reckon it would fit most peoples fingers.. if anything you would just end up with a variety of ring levels depending on the width of your fingers. Some of the rings in the pack are a little wider and actually sit on my finger like a typical ring, however the rest give me that interesting  'Above the knuckle look'.

I also think they would look kool if you had other chunky rings going on. Below I have just pictured the rings themselves to show you how they look :)

Rings £2.99
 each although I think H&M have an offer when you buy 2 as I saved an extra £2.
Bangles- £2
Total spend on 3 items- £5.98

What the rings look like on :)

The rustic gold style- excuse my wrinkly ringers ha! 

What do you guys think of the Above the Knuckle rings?