Monday, June 3, 2013

Day out in London Town ♡

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! My boyfriend and I decided to spend the day in London yesterday which was lovely. We mainly stayed around the Harrods area in Knightsbridge and had a nice long nosey around the store, which as always we got lost in (it's like a giant maze).

If you haven't been to Harrods it's huge! it is basically a very high end department store selling everything you can imagine under one roof, but with a huge price tag. 
The best thing about Harrods has to be the Pet section, which we always have to go to. They have a pet spa where your dogs can have berry facials and massages, a dressing room and a hair salon. The funniest thing about it is that you can see everything going on, which is quite amusing. 

After looking around Harrods and having enough of the busyness we decided to chill out & to have a much needed caffeine fix. I normally find London too full on, especially when the weather is horrid and the trains are packed with miserable people with 1/3 having BO.. however being uptown with the sun shining was just perfect and the atmosphere felt completely different in a good way!

To top things off my amazing boyfriend spoilt me rotten ♡ I will add a few pics of the boyfriend when he's home with his phone! 

Top- Zara 
Jeans- Topshop
Trainers- Nike

The gorgeous windows of Harrods inspired by the Great Gatsby

Feeling rather english with my scone, cream & jam

My nails- faded orange glitter

The rose my boyfriend bought me ♡

If that wasn't enough he surprised me with trainers and even got my size right!

To top it off completely I was then surprised with my all time favourite purse- it felt like christmas with all these treats!!. I was so happy that it actually made me want to cry hahaa as I felt like it was all too much and just soooo unexpected. Anyway every girl has got to love being spoilt every now and again :) 

What do you guys think of the nike trainers and the ted baker purse?