Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Bikini before & after ☼ ☀

With my Ibiza girls holiday coming up in just over a month :D all I seem to be doing is scouring the internet for new summer outfits, accessories and the all important bikinis. There are some really nice bikinis on the market espech in H&M, River island & Accessorize. But I thought I would use some of my creativity and recycle and customise one of my old bikinis before getting too carried away in the shops.

What I used for my DIY job:

  • 3 bunches of synthetic flowers from Wilkinsons £3. (I only used 2 in the end )
  • A set of coloured threads Wilkinsons £2.50 
  • Scissors
  • needles 
  • An old bikini (alternative just buy a cheap primark one)

I originally was going to use a white bikini but instead I opted for my red one which I've had for a few years.

After deciding for ages, I chose these orange/red flowers. I thought they would look good against a nice tan.

I have had this bikini for ages but it's lasted really well over the years, which is surprising for swimwear. The colour in person is a little more dull, so i decided it needed some vamping up before my next hols 

45 mins later..

What it looks like on .. 

I am really happy with the results :D!!!
 I wasn't to fussed if I ruined my bikini as it's fairly old and well worn, however I think It turned out really well and it definitely has another holiday left in it to wear. I decided to keep the pants plain as I think theres enough going on in the top half. .

How I made it-

1. I started off pulling the flowers off from the stems (they come off easily) I then unraveled each petal from the flower. 

Which looks like this....

 2. Theres a small hole in each centre of the flowers, so I placed each one individually on my bikini (I started from the left hand side and worked my way to middle) and I then sewed the centre of the flower to my bikini.

3. To hide the stitching I folded the petals in half as I was going along and I made sure there was a tiny gap between each petal before sewing it on. This gave a much more full effect to the finish.

4. Once I had sewn all the petals on, I did some random stitches just to ensure that they would all stay in place.. But other than that, that was it. 

Overall this was fun, simple & really cheap and definitely a good way to enhance an old or plain bikini :)

What do you guys think of the finished bikini ☀? 
Any suggestions of good places to buy bikinis preferably in the UK? I would love to hear  :)