Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My 1 year Hair dye Story....

Am I slightly obsessed with dying my hair? YES
Do I choose to do it when I should be doing coursework or something? Yes!!
Do I dye it myself? Yup
Do I know what I am doing half the time? Nope
Has it ever come out a dodgy colour? Hell yes!
Have I ever had to have a load of it cut off? Yes :( :(
Will I ever learn? Mmm probably not!

In a nutshell whats happened to my hair within 12/18 months ??

December 2011/12- My hair near enough its natural medium/dark brown shade. Long & healthy :) (excuse my giant strange hand in the right picture)

A few months later, March time I decided that I wanted to be a Blondieeeee! Now I didn't want to go platinum or anything but I wanted the Kim K look when she had light brown/blondish hair. A few people on my fb had gone from Brunette to blonde and I was surprised at how good it looked.. so i was hoping it would work out for me.....

Blonde March 12

Unfortunately notttt! I had asked for a whole head of bleach highlights as I cba to keep going for half heads to build it up, I guess I was impatient and just wanted the immediate effect.  As I had dark hair before, bleach was the only quick option in order to create a base to work from. Looking back I should have definitely done it in stages as they normally recommend.

What happened?
  • My glossy brown hair turned into a blonde thick frizz
  • soooo dry and corse and it looked like straw even after tonnes of moroccan oil
  • washed my skin colour out completely even though I have olive skin, which was strange.

I kept this look for a total of around 16 days. I hated it! The thing is I had a whole head of BLEACH not necessarily a blonde colour. My hair dresser did tell me to stick it out for several weeks as then she would be able to actually give me a warm natural colour that I wanted. But I just couldn't bare it, so i went back to my Brunette locks!! Part of me wishes that I had waited a few extra weeks as the colour would have looked much more natural and pretty with a few extra brown shades. but heyho! 

Back to Brown April 12

This is the pic I took straight after having my hair redone. I was sooo happy to go back to brown hair. As you can see it looks much healthier and glossy!!


After having my hair re coloured brown I continued to stick with this shade. I wasn't prepared to have another hair disaster before my girls holiday. As you can see it has grown a considerable amount within the 3 months. Thats one piece of luck I have- the fact my hair grows back quick. (no hair extensions used)


After joining Uni I decided my hair needed vamping again to make it look a little more interesting. This time I wanted to try dip dying it. I used the Loreal Dye set and here are my results.

As I have dyed my hair many times it didn't come out blonde or anything but I quite liked the copper effect.

DEC 12/13

After a couple of months the colour settled down and looked like a copper brown colour as you can see above. I loved this look and thinking about it I do kinda miss the dip dye look. I would recommend the Loreal dye set. It does dry the hair out at first but after using oils etc it goes back to its normal healthy state.

No more Ombre- Hello Black Brown Hair Dec/Jan 13

So this was taken around Dec/January 12/13. I miss my long hair waaaaaaaaa :( People always would ask 'are you wearing extensions?' and I actually wasn't. 


After a few months and slaving away at coursework my bordem kicked in and I decided to go back to dip dye. I used Loreal again however I wanted blonder more caramel results. So i bought a blonde ash dye & then a platinum hair dye and purple shampoo. Fuck knows what I was doing? I basically was chemically torturing my hair!!

Results After the Loreal dye set & the Blonde ash. Wish I had just left it there....

After the added dye of Blonde platinum by Swarskof. So strange the colour always changed in different lighting. P.s I know I look like a twat :D

Doing the Ombre again was such a massive disaster. I wish I had never used the Platinum by Swarskof. It literally killed my hair. Even after using oils and everything my hair was as dry as a tooth brush. Even my boyfriend commented on how shit the condition of my hair was :O

I am to blame tbh though as I did use three strong products in the space of like a week. I guess I thought my hair would be able to handle it. After feeling depressed about how shitty my hair looked I decided it would be best to just get the damage cut off :'( :'( 


While on a trip to Amsterdam with my mates we had ages to kill in the airport on the way home, so me being impatient as you all now decided to get it cut there. The hair dresser was so lovely (thankfully not  high) and she did an amazing hair cut, probs the best cut I have had in a loooong time! 

To note to you guys about how damaged my hair was, when it was damp she basically was able to rip my hair out and all the ends just fell out :O it was unbelievable, I have never seen anything like it. 

Happy girl at last with healthy thick hair again.


A more recent photo 2 months on. June 2013! It's already grown a fair amount yay :D!! Definitely sticking to brown hair and just working on restoring it back to it's healthy self!

The End! xo

As you all can see I am slightly CRAZY and SUPER impatient when it comes to dying my hair. Writing this post has actually surprised me at how quickly I change my hair colour and also seeing the change in length etc. I hope you have all found this interesting and I am sure many of you can relate to the crazy obsession of hair dye.

  • Favourite Hair dye? Nice n Easy semi permanent Dark brown
  • Only hair product I use religiously? Moroccan Oil

Do any of you guys find dying your hair slightly addictive? and do you also do it when your bored ? also what products would you recommend for dyed hair, I use oil but I would like to find other products too? would love to hear from you guys!! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!