Monday, July 1, 2013

What came in my post this morning??

Back in April/May I was lucky enough to be announced the winner of a competition over Facebook, which won me a Pick n Mix customised bikini :D. I was so happy and slightly shocked as I literally have the worst luck ever and never normally win anything.

Anyway today I finally received it after a much longer anticipated wait. However I am just glad it came before my Ibiza holiday as I think it is going to be perfect for it!!! 

Bikini retails at £80 but theres a 10% discount atm.

The colours look much nicer when the bikini is on :D 
and what I didn't realise was that the top is SUPER padded, so it gives a great lift and good cleavage which is what we all want for holiday ha!!

Coral pants with a cute Bow

What do you guys think of the bikini? it's pretty crazy isn't it!! 

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