Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New year everyone ❤

Happy new year everybody, I hope you all had a lovely night either celebrating out or having a cosy one in!!

So my first day of 2014 I have literally spent it all day on the sofa watching movies and pigging out on takeaway. I literally feel so lazy and fragile today. I did wake up with a pretty bad headache this morning due to quite a large intake of champagne last night which I never would normally drink. I wish the weather wasn't so pants as fresh air definitely would have done me good today. Anyway I hope Im not the only one with a hangover this morning pigging out on fat food, my healthy resolution will definitely be starting tomorrow (day 2)! 

A few resolutions I would like to give myself- 

Be healthy generally. Eat good food, exercise, drink lots of water and have a more positive mind set.
Be more sensible with saving my money and to think If I really need it before I buy it.
To not bite my nails, I do this without realising.. but it's such a horrible habit.

Have you guys got any interesting resolutions for 2014?