Friday, January 24, 2014

Interning at Matthew Williamson in Paris ❤

Today I thought I would share with you my experience of being an Intern at the Paris PRE FALL 14 show room for Matthew Williamson. I only arrived home yesterday evening, but overall I had a lovely time and an interesting experience. If any of you already follow me on instagram you will see some of my cheeky updates throughout the week.

A bit about the English designer Matthew Williamson-
Matthew Williamson was born in Manchester in 1971. He grew up and studied there until the age of 17, when he was offered a place on the fashion degree course at Central Saint Martins College, London. Matthew graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Fashion Design and Printed Textiles in 1994.Matthew Williamson Ltd was founded in February 1997 by Matthew and CEO, Joseph Velosa. Matthew showed his acclaimed debut collection, 'Electric Angels', at London Fashion Week in September 1997. Matthew’s debut show of only fourteen vibrantly coloured looks worn by models including Kate Moss, Helena Christensen and Jade Jagger made a huge impact on the fashion world, showcasing a taster of what was to come in the years to follow. 

His Signature style- 
His collections are known for print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. The designs encapsulate a bohemian spirit and a laid back sense of glamour.

His Trademark-
An evening dress in his signature style – combining colour, print and embellishment!

Getting my suitcase ready ❤ 

My Arrival to Paris.......

By Eurostar it takes only 2 hours to get to Paris which is pretty amazing. My journey there was really straight forward from Ebbsfleet Station straight to Gard du Nord and then a fairly quick tube to Bastille (where I was staying). 

Yummy meal that was served on the Euro star ❤

My hotel was extremely central (1 minute walk) to the Show room, which was perfect for me as I really couldn't be dealing with a long journey and walk everyday, especially in an area I was not familiar with. However in terms of decor and style this hotel has to be one of the worst I have stayed in. I had to walk up 4 lots of windy stairs with my awfully heavy suitcase to get to my room, which left me a little speechless. The floor was uneven, there was a massive crack on the ceiling, dated wallpaper and a musky smell. The only good thing was that I had a decent view and a big window to open which made the room a tad better. I decided I didn't want to hang around.... so I left my luggage and went out to explore a bit of Paris before the Internship begun.

The view from my room- quite nice ❤

Bastille Tower ❤

Beautiful cars  ❤

I must admit I felt a little lonely by myself on the first day.. no one to really talk to and explore with. I did shed a few tears on the first night thinking what have I done. 

The Show room- Day 1....

So my first day of work consisted of unpacking endless amounts of beautiful clothes to be hung on rails, unpacking plates and glasses for the kitchen area, unpacking tables and chairs and overall organising the show room so it was ready for the buyers appointments the next day. It is crazy how you can transform an empty studio room into a beautiful space in a matter of hours. This wasn't the most exciting day and I felt the cattiness of one member of the team who was nit picking at everything and almost trying to make me feel stupid at some points. I left feeling not too happy especially as I was volunteering my own time to help. I was hoping day 2 would be better.

The Pretty Show room full of amazing clothes ❤

Day 2...

So me and 2 other interns were all designated a role to either dress the models, be a runner or greet the buyers and organise drinks etc. I was on greeting, fairly straight forward and then I assisted the other interns if they needed help. Its crazy how many clients you get from all over the world who come to Paris. We had guests from Dubai, Quatar, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, Vietnam etc all ready to view and purchase bits of the collection. Most of the clients are lovely, however some look at you like your shit. It didn't bother me as most of them had vile clothes and a face full of filler. I loved the other two interns though, they definitely made the day go quicker. If it wasn't for them and the two lovely models, Paris would have been a lot duller.

Gorgeous girls ❤ Alex & Elena

Preparation in the kitchen area ❤ ❤ 

Day 3,4,5.....

Again these days consisted of the same tasks. However throughout the week it became a lot busier. Dressing the models was fun but was a tad confusing, as you had to almost guess what outfits went together and when you didn't have much time it became a tad stressful. There was a couple of occasions where me and the interns sent the model out to the client wearing a mismatched outfit. But tbh it wasn't the end of the world, just a tad awkward haaa! The models were so lovely and when we were all sitting behind the scenes we would have a little bitch about the nasty clients and even do some squats, which was funny....Oh and eat all the food.

Are little area where we would dress the girls ready for the clients ❤

Lunch everyday from Paul ❤

The last day...

Again busy with clients most of the day, until late afternoon came where we had to pack up the whole show room ready to leave to go back to London. The only thing I will miss from this experience is the fun I had with the interns and the models. 

Paris sounds like it would be a fabulous experience, however it can be quite dull when your interning and you don't know anyone. Luckily the other interns were lovely.. however my experience could have been different otherwise. Cost wise it wasn't cheap as I had to pay for my accommodation which was shit. But for general experience it was brilliant and has prepared me even more for what comes next. Throughout the week I warmed to the staff a lot more and they even invited me for dinner on the last night which I really appreciated. I hope to keep in contact with the company as It would be great to work in London with them and it's much more convenient for me. I don't think I will be going to Paris any time soon again, however it has been an experience I will never forget!

P.s I will miss waking up to the lovely clothes. So pretty!!! & the amazing coffee machine.

A few extra photos......

The models ❤ ❤ Mahady & Catrina

Mini me in the middle haha! I want their legs :( :(

She's so gorgeous ❤ wearing a £6000 dress rocking it big style!!

Some more extras ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I love this dress ❤ ❤

Us interns ❤ ❤

cheeky behind the scenes hahaa ❤

Elena ❤❤ looking beaut

Alex and Me ❤❤

The Jewellery ❤ ❤.....