Thursday, January 2, 2014

NAKED 2 Eye palette Review + AFTER Pic ❤

Ahhhhhh! So this christmas I received my first ever Naked eye palette from my lovely mother. I have wanted one of these palettes for ages, especially after seeing all the rave reviews from other bloggers. I was slightly undecided on what palette I would prefer, however I was told the Naked 2 has much more of a metallic base to the shadows and for me I personally preferred the overall colours in the set... so Naked 2 it was :)

I used the palette for the first time on NYE & LOVEEE IT! I now understand why people rave about this product. At first I was thinking.. how can an eye shadow be so amazing, but it actually is. It is very highly pigmented (so a little goes a very long away) and the brush which comes with the set is fab! It applies the product beautifully to the eye and is extremely soft and smooth.

I have never properly mastered the 'Smokey eye look' I think thats down to using the typical basic eye shadow applicators and by not having a highly pigmented eye shadow to work with. However the Naked palette is brilliant and allowed me to create a smokey eye look in no time, with very little effort.  Here are a few after pictures of my finished Eye shadow look, which honestly took me only a few minutes to do ❤...  (Shades I used- Busted, Suspect, Half Baked, YDK & a tiny amount of Black.)

I know the product is quite pricey, but I can honestly say it's worth every penny. You get a great choice of colours in the set suitable for any occasion and the product will be sure to last a very long time. The set also came with a mini lipgloss which I have yet to try, but I really want to purchase the eye primer as I have heard it's great for keeping the eye shadow in place.. If any body knows of any other primers that you would recommend??, please let me know :) :)

I hope my review is helpful to anyone who is contemplating whether to purchase the set. What do you all think, please let me know? xxx