Friday, January 17, 2014


This year I have been really reluctant to go sale shopping...
1. way too much temptation 
2. I actually couldn't be bothered to go rail hunting at the peak time of sales. 

Anyway Christmas just gone I was bought a lovely playsuit from Topshop which unfortunately didn't fit me, so I decided to take it back. It was an exchange only item, which was not a problem for me as I love a bit of Topshop every now and again... but I couldn't quite decide whether to put the £50 towards a new pair of shoes/coat or whether to try and find a few sale bargains. The sale area was very tidy for once, which made it even more tempting to look.

Heres what I came home with for a lovely £59, I only paid an extra £9.. lovely!! ❤ 




Looks like a Missoni Print ❤ £10



I am really happy with all my lovely new clothes especially because I only had to pay an extra £9 as it was an Chirstmas gift exchange. I decided to add up the original prices to see how much I would have paid and it came to a total of...
£204 :O crazy!! 

Boots from New Look £24.99

I have worn these nearly everyday since I have bought them- They are so comfortable & literally go with anything... can't go wrong with a simple pair of black boots. xx