Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Shopping Haul ❤ ❤ ❤

So as like most days I found myself in the shops again, ohhhhh dear! I had originally gone in to purchase a few Real Technique makeup brushes, however they didn't have the specific one that I wanted to buy (contour brush). So instead I decided to have a ponder and to see if there was any other exciting products worth buying. Typical me I couldn't leave empty handed.. so I purchased a few random products :) :) happy days!!

 All were on offer and amazingly cheap :D which of course made me feel better.

Only £4 usually £8

I bought this blusher in the shade 'Flirt' from Superdrug. It's from a range called 'Look' which I am not very familiar with, but the colour is so gorgeous. Most of my blushers are very pink and rosy, however this one gave a lovely Fresh & Dewy look to my complexion when I tried it on. It has a slight shimmer undertone, which I wouldn't normally go for however I actually quite like it as it gives a healthy glow to the face. 

An After pic with the Blusher on :)


£1.50 from Boots

For £1.50 I can't really complain with this product at all. It has a lovely deep bronze shade along with gold accents in the leopard print design. This will definitely be used on nights out for a summer bronzed look. 

£1 from Boots

Again I couldn't resist at £1!! I already have a foundation that I use religiously being the Estee Lauder Double wear. However I like to do the old trick of merging foundations together to give a stronger coverage especially when I am going out out! 

The 1st Pic looks a bit scary, but that's how it appears when it is not rubbed in or blended at all and in the 2nd photo it shows the colour blended. It's really natural and feels very lightweight and fresh on the skin. 

Hair Dye on offer £4.50 at Boots

Can never go wrong with a Black/brown hair dye. I am hoping this product works well as I have never used this brand before. Will show you before and after results once I have done it.

Sulphate Free shampoo.
£3ish from Boots

As some of you may know I have micro ring hair extensions in at the moment and what I have been advised to do when washing my hair is to use a Sulphate Free shampoo. Apparently it's meant to be really healthy for your hair, it doesn't strip any colour and is definitely a must have if you have extensions in. 

Nail Studz £2 from Boots.

I love this!!!!! It is packaged in such a cute small box, but contains tonnes of studs to do nail art with. 
All you need to do is apply a clear coat of polish and before it drys apply the studs. It seems pretty simple so I am hoping it works well. I will post a pic once I have experimented with this :) 

I hope I have inspired some of you to take a trip down to Boots, lots of cute bargains to be found there.