Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines day Boys & Girls ❤ LIP Shade edit

Happy Friday & Valentines day. I know theres a lot of hype on this day and expectation to do something, but whether your staying in or going out with your guy, having a girls one (like my lovely mother) or just chilling in by yourself.. I hope you all have a nice evening. 

I work at Waitrose part time and I have to say the cutest thing is seeing all the men come in and trying to decide which bunch of bouquets flowers to buy for there ladies. It's so damn cuteeeee!!! I hope my boy has taken note. 

Anyway I have decided to just stay in. I have purchased a lovely 'Dine in for 2 three course meal from Waitrose', which I would really recommend if your get lots of good quality choices for your pennies + Wine + Choccies, perfect!!

If you are going out, I would recommend you to get your hands on this Lip colour which is my FAVVV at the moment, I may just wear it while I'm in tonight too... ❤

MAC- Diva & Rebal lip shade & Night moth Lip liner.

I love dark gothic style lips at the moment and it really makes a simple outfit quite edgy and sexy. 

What do you guys think? ❤