Friday, February 21, 2014

Lancome Drama Mascara- Review ❤❤

Hello guys, so today I wanted to finally share my review with you on one of my favourite mascaras-
Lancome Drama ❤

If you want a mascara that gives you length and volume read on.......

I have used many different mascaras over the course of time ranging from Bourjouis, Rimmel, Maybelline, YSL & the classic Lancome Hypnose... however I always seem to bounce back to my favourite, being Drama.

Retail Price- On average around £22.50

Yes it's not the cheapest product, however it definitely lives up to expectations. I think you can easily spend £20 testing out a couple of high St brand mascaras, which basically equivalates to the price of the Drama. (Makes me feel better when I think about it this way)

Application Process-

The product has a very thick and dense brush, which is great if you want an intense/strong black look on your lashes, if you prefer your lashes to look more subtle you will only need to apply one layer.
It can be slightly tricky to apply the mascara to your small lashes at first as the brush is so wide, however once you get the hang of this Mascara, its quite easy to work with.

As you can see the brush holds a lot of product, It can make yours lashes clump together depending how much product you apply, as it is so thick... but if you have one of those standard lash/brow brushes, this can easily be fixed.  

After picture ❤
The mascara in this photo has already been worn for around 6/7 hours 

I have only applied a few layers of mascara in this photo. So obviously if you want a more dramatic look- just apply more product :)

Good things about Drama-

It makes the lashes thick and long
Thick/ super dense brush
Intense Black colour
Lasts on the lashes for a long time
The overall product lasts well as you don't need to apply as much product
No Panda eyes after applying the Mascara

Not so good things-

It's not waterproof
A little bit pricey
It can be slightly tricky to work with if your not great with applying mascaras

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on my Fav Mascara!

Have any of you guys tried it out before or looking to try it?.. let me know