Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ombre Hair Before & After ❤

Ombre Hair again. So after having my hair extensions taken out, I really wanted to try a new look. I have had ombre hair twice before, but where I did it myself I ended up killing my hair soo bad & having to get a lot of it cut off.. which was a sad moment!

I would really recommend anybody who has naturally or dyed dark hair to get your ombre locks done professionally at the salon. I used to try and avoid the hair dressers as much as possible as it can be much more pricer than a packet of hair dye from boots. However speaking from previous experience of doing it myself, its really not worth it & if you love your long hair don't risk doing more than likely it will end up really damaged and not the desired colour. 

I went to the salon & with a 20% off colour deal it made it really worth the money. If you asking to get an Ombre style at the salon.. it's basically just a full head of colour tint (a lot cheaper than highlights). My hair dresser did a strand test and used three different bleach colours, I then came back 45 minutes later to see the results. I'm really glad she did this, as it gave me a much better idea of how the colour would look and if there would be any damage on my hair. 

Hair BEFORE ❤  Dark Brown- Has been previously dyed a lot.

Hair AFTER ❤

The best thing as well was having my hair washed/ conditioned after with all the Moroccan shampoos/conditioners... I really felt like my hair was getting a right old needed pamper :) :) !!

I am really happy with the end result. & no damage at all really.. My hair actually feels in really good condition.- It was definitely worth paying the extra money!

Eventually I will add to my ombre to get a few more honey/caramel colours running through it.. but as a first stage- I love my new hair.

I went to Graham Webb Hair Salon & I couldn't recommend them enough!!